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[EP-tech] subject / division return full path in report

Hi List

Using 3.3.12 and the Generic Reporting Framework plugin.

I'm trying to return the full path for a subject tree (e.g. College of Arts - School of Humanities - History) into a report

I have this code:

my( $plugin, $objects ) = @_;
my $eprint = $objects->{eprint};
my $val = $eprint->value('divisions');
my $subject_ds = $plugin->repository->dataset('subject');
my $paths = [];
foreach my $div_id (@{$val})
my $subj_obj = $subject_ds->dataobj($div_id); ##get the subject object given the subject id
$subj_obj->get_paths($plugin->repository, 'ROOT');
push @{$paths}, $subj_obj; 
my $str = join(' ; ', @{$paths});
return $str;

I'm getting array refs returned (you might say unsurprisingly!) e.g. EPrints::DataObj::Subject=HASH(0xead4360)

I sort of know $subj_obj should be an array -but I've tried various things unsuccessfully and am getting a bit lost!  

If anyone had any pointers it would be much appreciated.


Mick Eadie
Research Data Management Officer
University of Glasgow

Tel: +44 (0) 141 330 6294

http://researchdata.gla.ac.uk | www.glasgow.ac.uk/services/datamanagement/