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[EP-tech] Re: Upgrade processes for EPrints

My suggestion is to just make a backup of the code, do an upgrade and 
make a diff, to find the changes. Evaluate if some of them can be done 
using triggers, so no more code changing in Eprints.

If you use some virtualization, you can do it in a cloned machine (with 
just a different ip and a different virtual domain - a new dns entries) 
and when done, just change the domain in Apache to the production and 
the ips  and do an apache reload.

Il 01/02/2016 17:49, Lizz Jennings ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> I?m planning an upgrade to live EPrints, which will likely involve 
> some downtime as it?s the first time I?ve done an upgrade on the live 
> system.  It?s not going to be a big leap in itself (3.3.13 -> 15), but 
> I?ve made a lot of customisations so it?s a little nervewracking.
> Does anybody have any maintenance processes they can share?  I have 
> some ideas about how to approach this ? I?m interested in things like 
> how much notice to give users and the best method for doing that, how 
> best to make the site generally unavailable, what should be backed up, 
> how you test a successful upgrade and so on.  I?d be grateful for any 
> advice / suggestions / cautionary tales and apologies if I?ve missed a 
> very obvious wiki page!
> Lizz
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