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[EP-tech] Search results sorting by compound field elements

Half-answering my own question:

my %options = ("custom_order" => "name");
my $list = $ds->search(%options);

actually does what I want, but doesn't resolve the larger question of sorting by sub-fields - e.g. if I wanted to sort the list by given name rather than family name...

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Subject: [EP-tech] Search results sorting by compound field elements

Hi all,
Anyone got a clue how to format the 'custom_order' parameter of a dataset search query to sort by sub-fields of a compound field?

i.e. - running a search over the 'user' dataset and I want to sort the results by name_family then name_given of the compound 'name' field.

Currently running (based on the search method from http://wiki.eprints.org/w/API:EPrints/DataSet#Object_Methods ):

$list = $ds->search( {"custom_order" => "name_given/name_family" };

But it doesn't seem to be sorting the list at all


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