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[EP-tech] Re: apt-get upgrade from 3.3.12 to 3.3.14 - apt notification remains


It's been mentioned in this list a couple of times, if I remember 
correctly, but I can't find the thread where -I think that- someone was 
explaining why (I may remember wrong). The only email I found similar to 
yours is this: http://www.eprints.org/tech.php/20515.html but it hasn't 
been answered either.

Hopefully somebody will reply.

On 25/9/2015 12:56 ??, Wolton, Alexis P wrote:
> Hi all,
> After upgrading eprints from 3.3.12 to 3.3.14 on a Debian box using apt-get upgrade, apt still has a notification that EPrints has an available update.
> Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone know of a way to resolve this?
> Cheers,
> Alexis
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