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[EP-tech] Re: Updating a compound multiple field

Hi Martin,

I'm not sure I've tested it (I've used an API script to populate compound fields (multilang fields in particular) where values were stored using set_value() in the way you're mentioning), but if it doesn't do so then it's API behaviour would be counter to the other fields' behaviour.

My script was something like that:

use Data::Dumper;
my $ep = EPrints->new();
my $repo = $ep->repository( "myrepo" );
my $ds = $repo->dataset("archive");
my $list = $ds->search;
my $n = $list->count();
my @docs = $list->slice(0, $n);

foreach $d (@docs)
    if ($d->is_set('ml_title'))
        print "item with id " . $d->id . " has ml_title set\n";
    } else {
        if ($d->is_set('title'))
#            print "Updating ml_title for eprint.id = " . $d->id . "\n";
            my $tit = $d->get_value('title');
            my @ml_tit = [ {lang=>'en', text=>$tit}, {lang=>'el', text=>$tit} ];
        #    print Dumper(@ml_tit);
            $d->set_value('ml_title', @ml_tit);

I don't know, this may help you test your case...

On 02/10/2015 05:37 μμ, martin.braendle@id.uzh.ch wrote:


just a short question: Am I assuming correctly if I update a compound multiple field with

$dataobj->set_value( array of hashes )

that the new values overwrite the existing ones and are not appended to the existing values?

E.g. if I want to keep the existing values, I need to read them out first and create a merged array with the new values that I have to write back?



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