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[EP-tech] Creative commons

We need to be able to support historic as well as current CC license options in our repository.

I'm considering building a 'licenses' bazaar package that will:
- know about all historic and current licences 
- store licenses as URIs*
- render the cc license logos in normal or compact variants
- allow which license versions to offer to be controlled by the workflow (e.g. options="v3,v4" would show all v3 and v4 licenses)
- ???

I'm not sure if this will require a custom EPrints::MetaField::License or just an EPrints::Plugin::InputForm::Component::Field::License.
Has anyone done any work around the CC licenses that might be useful?

Are there other aspects that would be useful to cover in this work?


*currently EPrints saves the licence as e.g. 'cc_by' or 'cc_by_4' - but 'cc_by'  could have meant v2, v2.5, or v3 at different points in time - therefore the exact licence applied is ambiguous.