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[EP-tech] Temporarily Disabling Deposits/Edits during migration/upgrade.



Sorry if this may be repeat question to the list but I’m not finding what I believe I’m looking for in the archives.


We will be migrating our EPrints system from one system to another and performing and upgrade in the process.  We’d like to keep the initial system up while we do so.  However, we want to disable any additional deposits/changes to the system while the migration is happening but want to keep the system up for viewing, searching, etc.   Due to the amount of content and the upgrade we’ll also be doing this will take at a minimum of 4 hours.  My initial thought is to comment out the permissions in the user_roles.pl file that apply and restart the web server to “lockout” any user updates.  If this approach is used what is minimum permissions needed to allow basic use/functionality by the user?  Is it just “general”?


Is this the correct approach or is there something simpler that we can do to achieve the same functionality?

Or would it be highly recommended to block the whole site while the migration is happening?


Thoughts, experiences?





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