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[EP-tech] Re: Auto complete not working for authors

I have the same problem with Eprints 3.3.14 on Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS with 
MySQL 5.5.43.

I made a simple auto complete file for the projects field, that worked 
in Eprints 3.3.12, but broke in 3.3.13. Most others worked, though I 
don't think Journal title has ever worked.

But after upgrading to Eprints 3.3.14 only Title works, like Matheiu wrote.

On 24-03-2015 13:25, Mathieu Perron wrote:
> Hi Alen,
> Thank you for your reply!  Don't worry I have a test instance for all this
> :)
> My MySQL version is 5.0.95 and I did do the databse upgrade after
> installing the new version.  After some bug fixing my instance is working
> fine (except for one or two missing phrases but I'll get to this soon
> enough).  I can deposit new documents, run searches, etc.  But that damn
> auto complete is working for the title but not for the authors.
> I have checked the eprint_creators_name table and all the varchar columns
> have "latin1_swedish_ci" as Collation.  Does it have to be utf8?  From
> what I read utf-8 should work with latin1 collation...
> Am I understanding this right?
> Thanks for clearing that up!
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