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[EP-tech] Re: Advanced Search Page render of large number of choices (such as language).

I would recommend against 'select' because it implies that you've got a select box because of the word you used.  Also, in the future if 'select' ever does become a valid option, you may be surprised by unexpected behaviour.  I suggested 'default' because it's actually already being used:


Adam Field
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On 1 Sep 2015, at 15:23, Gilles Fournié wrote:

> Hi,
>> I've made the suggested changes.  However, I see in my advanced search languages field is defined as '{ meta_fields => [ "documents.language" ] },'  which is not defined in either of the eprint_fields.pl or document_fields.pl in the archive config directory.  But I did change our 'degree' field in the eprint_fields.pl to use 'search_input_style' => 'select' (Thanks for the tip Gilles.) and it is now showing as a select list box.  So I now see that using the 'search_input_style' change does indeed work.  Is there some indication anywhere of what the available options are for this as this is the first time I've run across this?
> From the code, it seems that the only value checked is "checkbox".
> So, I think that we can only use either "checkbox" or anything else.
> I have chosen to use "select" but, as Adam wrote, the value "default" 
> should do the same thing.
> Gilles
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