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[EP-tech] Re: Advanced Search Page render of large number of choices (such as language).


I've made the suggested changes.  However, I see in my advanced search languages field is defined as '{ meta_fields => [ "documents.language" ] },'  which is not defined in either of the eprint_fields.pl or document_fields.pl in the archive config directory.  But I did change our 'degree' field in the eprint_fields.pl to use 'search_input_style' => 'select' (Thanks for the tip Gilles.) and it is now showing as a select list box.  So I now see that using the 'search_input_style' change does indeed work.  Is there some indication anywhere of what the available options are for this as this is the first time I've run across this?

From the code, it seems that the only value checked is "checkbox".

So, I think that we can only use either "checkbox" or anything else.
I have chosen to use "select" but, as Adam wrote, the value "default" should do the same thing.