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[EP-tech] Re: MySQL version

On 30/06/15 07:59, George Mamalakis wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> Without being able to give you an authoritative answer, I see no reason
> why EPrints wouldn't support the latest MySQL version available (or
> MariaDB for that matter), since by diagonally looking at its tables, I
> haven't seen any peculiar MySQL-specific stuff happening.

I can confirm that EPrints will work quite happily with a PostgreSQL 
database.... though you definitely need a MySQL instance to actually 
install the app from source.

However the original posters question was about the VERSION of MySQL - 
and eprints doesn't do anything platform-specific.... so unless 
different versions of MySQL don't support some part of the SQL Standard, 
version won't matter.

> I suppose, though, that somebody could give you a more thorough answer.
> George.
> On 30/06/2015 08:24 ??, Matthew Brady wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> Our DBA has asked what?s the latest version of MySQL that ePrints
>> supports.  And I can?t actually find it anywhere in the wiki, or
>> anywhere else for that matter, except for smatterings in the eptech
>> list where people mention versions they are using when discussing
>> problems etc.
>> Is there any officially sanctioned version to use, being that we are
>> running ePrints 3.3.10? Or not go past due to other considerations?
>> As always, thought for or against are welcome J


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