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[EP-tech] Problem with dependencies when installing

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to install 3.3.14 using RPM. I've followed the instructions 
on the wiki for RedHat6 but get this error when trying "yum install 

Error: Package: eprints-3.3.14-1.el6.noarch (rpm-eprints-org)
            Requires: perl(Apache::DBI)
Error: Package: eprints-3.3.14-1.el6.noarch (rpm-eprints-org)
            Requires: perl(XML::LibXSLT)

I can't find these packages anywhere by using yum search and yet it says 
they are required by eprints-3.3.14-1.el6.noarch

Any help please, this is driving me crazy!


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