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[EP-tech] Re: Eprints info for custom summary page


For displaying authors in our citations, we use this code (compacted, 
without spaces nor new lines between xml tags) :

<epc:foreach expr="creators_name" iterator="name">
   <epc:if test="$index gt 0">, </epc:if>
   <epc:print expr="$name{family}" />
   <epc:if test="$name{given}"> <epc:print expr="$name{given}" /></epc:if>

May there are better ways to do it, but it works.

Best regards,

Le 08/06/2015 11:36, Sebastian Nozzi a ?crit :
> Dear Eprints experts,
> I'm using the Recollect plugin, and want to tweak the
> "recollect_summary_page.xml" to display this information:
> * Creators (last_name_1, first_name_1; last-name_2, first_name_2; etc.)
> * Year (of publication or last-modification)
> * Version
> I've seen that I have $item at my disposal and some other fields seem to
> be directly accessible. E.g.:
> <epc:print expr="abstract" />
> <epc:print expr="$item.citation('default')" />
> However, I have no clue how to get to the information I listed above. I
> tried several things but I either get a "script error" or a
> pre-formatted "creators" table, already as a HTML snippet.
> Any hints?
> Thanks in advance,
> Sebastian