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[EP-tech] Re: eprintid reassignment

Il 11/05/2015 12:37, Simon Jennings ha scritto:
Hi everyone,

I was wondering what the possibility might be of reclaiming deleted eprint ids. The eprintid assignment is incremental but due to deletion, and accidentally created records via the new item button, many ids in the sequence can go unused.

Is it possible to recycle these in some way?

Many thanks,


Hi all,

i don't say a word about program problems ( tricky ? ).
Pay attention that

a) if the id has been saved in a bookmark by someone, pointing to another record may be confusing (much better and correct in my opinion to point a courtesy page : "This record has been retired blah blah blah").
b) if you are pointed by OAI-PMH server you can (have to, should) present also deleted records to permit incremental copy
c) For that reasons, you would recall only records that have never been published (trickier ?)
d) are you paying for ids number ? not me  ( :-) )

Best regards,
Paolo Tealdi

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