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[EP-tech] Indexing a text field as a whole (not full text)


Does anybody know how to index a field (text) as a whole and not by word 
(full text) ?

We have a keyword field using Agrovoc thesaurus. We want to be able to 
look for the whole value "RIZ PLUVIAL" for example; and not for RIZ and 
PLUVIAL belonging to two different keywords.

 From my understanding of the Wiki page 
the answer was using text_index. But, it seems that it doesn't work this 
way : with text_index=>0, the keywords are no more searchable...

 From the same Wiki page 
it is also advised not to use the "id" type which is flagged as 

So what is the best way to get a field indexed as a whole and not by words ?

Thanks for your advices,