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[EP-tech] Re: ORCiD

This would be useful (but tricky to actually use) in the Publications 
Router.... though once ORCIDs start becoming more widespread, it becomes 
easier to automate the connection of the variations :)

On 19/01/15 10:21, John Salter wrote:
> Hi, This looks good to me too. The reason I asked this question in
> the first place was to see if there was any sensible things going on
> (this looks very sensible to me), and so I didn't reinvent the
> wheel.
> Should we target v3.4 or v4.0? How does this fit in with anything
> else that people are trying to do?


Ian Stuart.
Developer: ORI, RJ-Broker, and OpenDepot.org
Bibliographics and Multimedia Service Delivery team,
The University of Edinburgh.


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