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[EP-tech] Jisc research data spring - Linking EPrints to remote research data


We've just submitted an idea to the "research data spring" - this is an initiative led by Jisc to "gather fresh ideas around building new solutions that ease the pain points in research data management".

Idea Title: Link EPrints to remote research data

Idea Summary:

EPrints provides a front end for research data cataloguing, discovery and access. This idea focuses on linking records in EPrints to remotely stored research data. The key challenges we propose to address are:

1) Cut out the middle man - store data files directly without going through EPrints

2) Create a unified workflow - store data and create EPrints record at the same time

If this sounds interesting please read the idea in full at http://researchatrisk.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Link-EPrints-to-remote-research-data/103012-31525 and vote for it!

Many thanks,

Rory (and the team)


Rory McNicholl
Lead developer, Research Repositories Team
Academic Research Technologies
University of London Computer Centre
Senate House
Malet Street

t: +44 (0)20 7863 1344
e: rory.mcnicholl at london.ac.uk
w: http://www.ulcc.ac.uk/

The University of London is an exempt charity in England and Wales.
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