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[EP-tech] Re: DB slow down.

Il 26/02/2015 13:03, Ian Stuart ha scritto:
> On 26/02/15 11:57, Adam Field wrote:
>> Clearing out the indexer queue may not be a bad idea, but you will
>> need to then reindex everything anyway (and potentially regenerate
>> all thumbnails), and there may be other things on the queue...
> We don't use thumbnails (as well as no full-text searching)
> The GUI stuff is all secondary to the main service
>> Note also, that as the size of the queue reduces, the speed may
>> increase significantly as it may be the size of the queue that's
>> making it so slow.
> This would be nice ;-)

Hi all,

Could be useful to delete the duplicated records eventually present in the event__queue ?
Maybe this could speed up the indexing.
Indexing two (n) time the same record is a time and cpu waist.
You have to do some sql trick to isolate the right records ...

Best regards,

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