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[EP-tech] Re: Community Webinars

I don¹t know if this would be covered under Advanced Configuration but it
would be great to get a deeper understanding of the view rendering
process, i.e. what happens behind the scenes when EPrints creates a flat
page, what files it pulls from, how it interprets templates etc. From a
development point of view I find this an incredibly muddy area to get to
grips with.

On 27/02/2015 11:36, "Field A.N." <af05v@ecs.soton.ac.uk> wrote:

>Hi All
>As part of my push for better documentation, I'm planning to run and
>support a series of webinars if there is community interest.  These would
>be an in-depth exploration of specific features (at all technical levels)
>of EPrints.
>Is this something people are interested in?  Some ideas for topics:
>       * Using EPrints
>               + The EPrint record lifecycle
>                       ~ depositing
>                       ~ reviewing
>                       ~ editorial permissions
>                       ~ the live repository
>                       ~ browse views
>                       ~ searches
>               + Administering a repository
>                       ~ generating reports
>                       ~ managing user accounts
>                       ~ responding to issues
>                       ~ identifying common problems
>       * Configuring EPrints
>               + Basic configuration
>                       ~ setting default and automatic values
>                       ~ adding new metadata fields
>                       ~ setting the admin email address
>                       ~ implementing repository policies [e.g. request a copy]
>                       ~ simple browse views
>                       ~ abstract page rendering
>                       ~ branding
>               + Advanced configuration
>                       ~ complex browse views
>                       ~ volatile and virtual fields
>                       ~ custom rendering of values
>                       ~ multiple templates
>       * Extending EPrints
>               + Installing extensions
>               + EPrints API fundamentals
>               + Extracting reports with scripts
>               + Creating and Packaging Extensions
>This list represents about 5 minutes of brainstorming.  I'd like to focus
>on what's really in demand, so would be interested in hearing back from
>all of you about what you'd be really interested in seeing.
>Adam Field
>Business Relationship Manager and Community Lead
>EPrints Services
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