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[EP-tech] Re: Installing plugin from github?

That one doesn?t have a bazaar package ( .epm ) ? by the (very quick) look of it, you?d need to put the various files by hand into the correct directories within the repository, and possibly have the RIOXX2 code in the repo (also not yet an epm package), though that may not be necessary, just handled if it is already there.

This assumes you?re not trying to use the git clone process that is covered in the RIOXX2 pages?  All starts to get rather complicated at this point!


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Subject: [EP-tech] Installing plugin from github?

Another newbie question, can anyone provide an idiots guide to installing from github??

I tried to install https://github.com/eprintsug/datesdatesdates via Upload and Install at the bottom of the bazaar page ? tried the .epmi and full zip but just get a 500 Internal Server error so I?m guessing that?s not the way to do it

I don?t have access to the server but ?learning? together with a colleague from our infrastructure team.



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