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[EP-tech] DB slow down.

Hi folks,

we have a problem with DB slow down. This is running on 3.2 - we plan to test on 3.3 to see if there's any difference but haven't done so yet. The problem occurs when importing and from putting tracing into the code seems to be happening with a commit.

- We have a QA setup which has about 6,500 eprints and a live server which has 650,000.

- An import which takes 2-3 mins on the QA server takes 25mins on the live.

- The time seems to be going on 'commit' - that's eprints commit (I haven't dug into it any further yet).

- On the QA server it takes fractional time but on the live server this takes about 1 min.

So if we have a main record plus, say, 25 associated documents, the time is approx 1min for the main record plus 1 min per document, hence abut 25 mins. The records we are loading typically have somewhere in the region of 10 to 40 associated documents.

Has anyone come up against this before?

Any thoughts on how to proceed?



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