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[EP-tech] Re: Sitemap changed?

I?m pretty sure it was something my team added to our repository at some
point, that got merged mid last year along with a bunch of our other
customisations. (It has my name against the commit.) I?m pretty sure my PR
(369) is just fixing a bug we introduced earlier.


Also having looked over it a few more times, I?m quite confident the new
<url/> tag is inserted in the right place. Perhaps it would make more sense




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Dear List

i read  <https://github.com/eprints/eprints/pull/369>
https://github.com/eprints/eprints/pull/369 and although we cearte our
sitemaps by ourselves, i tested them against google Webmaster Tools and got
an error too. 
Who changed the rules? 


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