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[EP-tech] reordering documents

Hi Folks,

I'm trying to reorder documents associated with an eprint but not having any success. This is using Eprints 3.2.

So far I have tried:

doing a search to identify the eprints I want (that bit works fine)

then for each of them I want to swap the order of the first two documents.

I tried

my @documents = $eprint->get_all_documents;

my $tmp = $documents[0];

$documents[0] = $documents[1];

$documents[1] = $tmp;

$eprint->set_value('documents', \@documents);


that doesn't seem to do anything. I also tried the above but also changing the 'pos'

values associated with the documents.

Any ideas how to do this? I could delete the relevant eprints and re-import them but I'd quite like to do the chnage implace if possible.



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