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[EP-tech] Institutional level: several repositories vs. one

Hi all,

I've got a newbie question, apologies if it's obvious.

Is anybody in this situation: Several eprints instances within an
institutiton (e.g. at departmental level), with an overall institutional
level repository (populated entirely through OAI Harvester or otherwise)?

Is this essentially supported out of the box by installing an
institution-level eprints instance, and letting it harvest the departmental
level instances?

>From a users perspective, is the functionality is the same (i.e. equally
smooth, same look and feel, etc)? I.e. is there a difference between
"native" records (say departmental level) and "harvested" records
(institutional level), from the users perspective? By "user" I mean the
person browsing the repository ("anonymously") on the web - obviously
there's a difference from the contributors perspective.

Does it make sense for the institutional repository to harvest departmental
repositories? Or would it be preferable to have a single institutional
repository and generate listings for departments from it (which should be
viewable within the sub-domain owned by the department)? If the latter is
preferable, what would be the simplest way of doing that? (Set up
departmental repository, and let it harvest the institutional one? Or are
there other e.g. API-based options?)

Hope this makes sense!

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