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[EP-tech] Re: Create Account error

I think that when a user is logged in, the ?Create Account? screen is not accessible (as the user already has an account ? as they are logged in!).

When the account is confirmed, and you are on the ?You may not perform that action? screen, try changing the URL to http://your.repo/cgi/users/home
- does this result in the same message?
Does the toolbar look like a user is logged in (e.g. there isn?t a ?Create Account? or ?Register? link, but there is a ?Logout? or ?Logged in as?? link).

It sound like the ?FirstTool? isn?t properly set ? I think this should default to the Manage Deposits screen?


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Hi all,

I just realized that the feature "Create Account" no longer works since the update of my version of Eprints (3.2 --> 3.3). I have two authentication type :  ldap and open inscription.

The user is receiving an email to confirm its registration (he is also well created in the database) but if he valid by clicking on the link, the user is redirected to the "Create Account" screen with the following message "You May Not That perform action." The user can not connect of course.

However, the "pin ID" link is the one contained in the database.

I see nothing in the logs except this: "Undefined phrase: Plugin/Screen/Register:action:confirm:title (en) at line 348 in /appli/eprints/perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin.pm"

Thanks for your help.




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