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[EP-tech] Re: modify inline css for autocomplete suggestions

Note: To fix this the *right way*, you should:
and edit the copy there.

When upgrading, you can check all the files in your local config and see if they are still needed (e.g. if this issue was resolved in 3.3.13, you could then remove the copy from ARCHIVEID/cfg/?).

The same method also applies to css stylesheets that are compiled into one file.


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Hi Adi,

There's a fix needed in the JavaScript file - the info is on the GitHub repo:


On 13/10/2014 13:29, kakodkar.aditya at gmail.com<mailto:kakodkar.aditya at gmail.com> wrote:

We have recently upgraded to eprints 3.3.12. After the upgrade our Journal name and another custom autocomplete field does not display the output of the autocomplete suggestions below the actual field. The suggestions are printed at the top of the page, with the following inline css:

style="position: absolute; top: 611px; width: 425px; display: none;?

Where can I modify this?

Thanks in advance for the help,



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