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[EP-tech] To preview or not to preview...


we have a problem showing Icons and previews in the search-list. Understanding it depends on showing/creating the preview-icon or not, while the document has public access rights vs. only shown to registered eprints-users.

Our Problem: We`re missing some previews while they are public. Don`t know, why -  if the status changed later or not...

Tried to figure out this:

- While using admin-tools (GUI), changing the state from "resticted" access to "public" (vice versa) thumbnails will be generated and shown as expected.
- While changing the state as a reviewer nothing happens :-(
- Are there more possibilities to generate, include, exclude previews...?

- Creating a preview for an affected eprint (described above), i could do a batch-generate-thumbnail using `epadmin redo_thumbnails eprint eprint_id`  but it needs a couple of seconds and regenerating all icons for 80.000 Eprints will take a lot of time AND i dont know if it is a serious solution :-/

Any hints or ideas?

Kind regards