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[EP-tech] remote_ip via package "Apache2::Connection"

Just finished setting up Eprints in ubuntu 13.10 server and I was getting the following error in my apache log:

Can't locate object method "remote_ip" via package "Apache2::Connection" at /usr/share/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/DataObj/LoginTicket.pm line 143.\n

this corrected the issue:

       #my $ip = $r->connection->remote_ip;
my $ip = $r->connection->client_ip;

and on line 118:

#$data->{ip} = $repo->get_request->connection->remote_ip;
$data->{ip} = $repo->get_request->connection->client_ip;

I can't see this issue on the github, should I submit it? Or am I correcting something that I should be fixing in my perl modules?


David McElroy
Research Data Management Officer

University of East London
Docklands Library
University Way
London E16 2RD

t: 020 8223 6467

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