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[EP-tech] Addressing a specific creator


we're just starting with our two EPrints archives here in Bayreuth and 
now have requests from some of the University's members to change the 
display of our views and individual items in such a way as to 
distinguish between authors from Bayreuth and other authors.

So far I've added additional subfields to the creators, contributors and 
editors compound fields to select whether an author is a member of the 
University or not:

                         sub_name => 'ubt',
                         type => 'set',
                         options => [
                         input_style => 'medium',
                         show_in_fieldlist => 0,

However, I've not found a way to use this field as I cannot address a 
specific author. Is there a way to query the 3 tables 
(eprint_creators_name, eprint_creators_id, eprint_creators_ubt) and use 
the result in the citation format default.xml? The goal is to have the 
local authors (eprint_creators_ubt="yes") printed in bold.

Thanks for your help!

Verena Mattes
Dep. Digital Library
University Library of Bayreuth
95440 Bayreuth