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[EP-tech] Re: Search oddities

We're currently noting that sort of behaviour on our repo
(research.library.mun.ca) as well. In our case, text extraction for
single (PDF) items is occasionally failing within complete reindexes
only (such as might be scheduled periodically via cron); single item
reindexes give no issue. You might want to log the verbose output of a
full reindex to text to see if your problematic particular items are
throwing errors within the context of the larger reindex, e.g.:

eprints at yourrepo:~/bin$ script ../indexlog_20140617.log
Script started, file is ../indexlog_20140617.log
eprints at yourrepo:~/bin$ ./epadmin reindex your_repo_name eprint
eprints at yourrepo:~/bin$ exit
Script done, file is ../indexlog_20140617.log

 In particular, we've noted trouble a number of pdftotext calls, though
we haven't any resolution yet.


Casey Hilliard
System Administrator 
Library Information Technology Services (LITS)
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Ph: (709)864-6267
Ce: (709)699-3041

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We have another search related oddity. There are a couple of items that
don't seem to be indexed for a general (search bar) search, but will be
returned in results when you do a specific search (for example, by
author). I've tried reindexing the individual item, but have yet to try
fully reindexing the site.

If it is an indexing problem, this worries me as it's not the first time
this has happened and I'm wondering how items can appear in one search
type, but not the other.

Any thoughts or prior experience with this would be very helpful.


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