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[EP-tech] generate_views - no list pages...


New to the list, and to eprints.  I've spent time over the weekend 
getting to know the structure of the application, so have a fair idea of 
how things are working, but have hit a 'wall'.

When I use generate_views <rep name> it does create the various 
index.html pages for creators, divisions, subjects, years - as it should.

It creates the 'precursor' pages for the specific lists, such as 
*.export, *.include, *.page, *.title, *.title.textonly - but it doesn't 
make the resulting *.html files.

In the year folder, for instance, I have all of those for the (one year) 
I have in the database: 2005 (as well as equivalent pages for 
2005.default and 2005.type - but the only .html file in that folder is 
the index.html

When you click, you just get the 404...

Am I missing something pretty obvious here?  As it getting to the 
immediate step before, I thought maybe permissions?  But can't see 
anything odd there - and it *is* creating the index.html, so can't see 
that could be it.

But maybe someone can put me on the right track!

EPrints Release: 3.3.12
Database Driver: EPrints::Database::mysql [DBI 1.609, DBD::mysql 4.012]
Database Server Version: MySQL 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.10-log

The underlying Ubuntu is several steps old, but can't see that as 


Nick Wallingford
Tauranga, NZ