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[EP-tech] Re: Browse pages

By default, the browse views (top page, and menu/list pages) are regenerated if they are older than 1 day:

It looks like you can control this using the config (see the second link).

If you set up a cron job to regenerate the page twice a day (so it's never older that a day), does that help things?


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We're looking at the same stuff here.
(our problem is the 10 minutes to re-render a page means the server 
basically gets overloaded by google crawling the pages)

PS - what version of EPrints are you using?

On 10/06/14 10:50, Andrew Beeken wrote:
> Any thoughts? I find the method that EPrints uses to put pages together
> rather impenetrable so any assistance would be great. I?m now also looking
> at the Manage Deposits page and trying to make some adjustments to the
> form there, however gripping for specific phrases from the form turns up
> nothing.
> On 06/06/2014 14:42, "Andrew Beeken" <anbeeken at lincoln.ac.uk> wrote:
>> Afternoon!
>> I?m trying to understand how the ?Browse? pages are put together,
>> specifically the ?Browse by creator? pages. I?ve tracked down the
>> functions that seem to pull the content from the database but I?m not
>> sure how this is then translated into a displayable page. Any pointers?


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