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[EP-tech] Re: Field::Multi component in workflow plugin (3.3.10)

Okay - got round that issue by encasing the component in an <epc:if>.

Next question:  Is there a way to affect where the plugin puts new components on the page, or do they only get put at the end?


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Subject: [EP-tech] Field::Multi component in workflow plugin (3.3.10)

I'm trying to include a <component type="Field::Multi "> element to the core stage in the workflow using a bazaar plugin, but it is simply adding the fields it contains into the first existing Field::Multi component already in that workflow stage.

Any clues as to whether this is a bug or I'm just not labelling the components correctly?

Also, I think I saw something about stopping the bazaar plugin  mashing the workflow onto one line when updating it via plugin enable/disable, but I can't find it now - did I just dream that?


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