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[EP-tech] Re: About compounds

That is great news indeed!! We were looking for having such feature! i.e. having author id and affiliation link to the authors names.

Hope this feature will be integrate soon in a new version, which will give us again more reasons to upgrade to 3.3.x.

Please let us know the progress of this feature.

Many tanks,

Gaston Fournier
Service de la biblioth?que
?cole de technologie sup?rieure, Montr?al, Canada

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Objet : [EP-tech] Re: About compounds


Great news ! Thanks !

We are in the process of moving our current system to eprints. At the moment, I need to create the structure for our repository and develop export tools to get our current data to eprints. So, I'm more than interested in your author system. Your description of it seems to cover all our needs, and a few more... :-)

If I can be of some help in testing with our 3.3.12 version, please let me know.

Thanks again.


Le 10/07/2014 01:34, Matthew Brady a ?crit :

Hi All,

We have an author system up and running (95% working :) in 3.3.10 and 100% running in out prev 3.1.x version),

It handles a multitude of author related details, broken into two distinct groups,

Author (the details about the person, including as many identifiers as you want/need, eg. alternate names, external id's (ORCID, Uni ID's anything really), email addresses etc..).


Author Instance (the details about that person for a point in time, Institution Affiliation, department affiliation (if reqd.) etc.

A single Author can have many Author Instances and the Author Instance ID gets placed into the creators 'id' field to tie it all together.

This allows the 'cited' creators name, to be linked to an Author. (http://eprints.usq.edu.au/view/uniqueauthor/).

The instance record allows for collaboration reporting, internally, and externally between institutions.

I am in the process of cleaning it up, and pushing it out to Seb for possible inclusion into the main codebase, to give back to the community.

It has taken longer that I am happy with to fix a few bugs found while upgrading to 3.3.10, but it all seems to be done.



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I think that something that Seb demoed at the Eprints user group recently might be useful in this scenario...

*if* you had an author dataset, (similar to the 'user' dataset), you could store authors as dataobjrefs.

Seb's demo showed something similar for Projects/Funders - using a pop-up/modal window. It was very nice!

There has been previous discussion around the subject of richer data for authors - but I can?t remember any definite endpoint to those discussions!



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On 08/07/14 15:54, Gilles Fourni? wrote:


The library staff wants us to describe authors with many fields

(internal id number, department, unit, ...).

So we wonder if we can add subfields to existing compounds like

creators or editors.

Obviously, we would keep existing subfields unchanged and just add new


Is it safe to do so ? Or are there risks to break something ?

Yes, adding extra fields is easy..... but only 1 level deep!

And, as a side question, I fear that a too big compound will be


: in the input form, we will get a table with many columns, which will

probably be larger than the screen width. Is there a way to have the

subfields use several rows ?

I've not seen one.... not without writing your own rendering routines (which are eminently doable..)

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