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[EP-tech] Re: generate_views - no list pages...

I have eprints running well on my localhost.  All works as it should.

But on the production server, the pages for listing of articles for a 
specific year (for instance) do not generate dynamically as they should. 
  Both are running Ubuntu 14.04, and I've patched the files so apache 
2.4 functions OK...

Permissions was my first direction of investigation - it seemed likely 
that apache was not able to generate the pages due to not have rights, etc.

I've checked files and permissions for the files on both machines - all 
the same, near as I can tell...

On both machines, apache 2.4 is running as www-data:www-data, and 
www-data is in the eprints group, and eprints is in the www-data group.

I'm thinking now it could be either missing perl modules, or modules for 
apache, but haven't been able to find significant differences.  The 
production machine has a number of enabled modules more than the 
localhost.  I've gone through the lists of required perl modules, as 
best I could determine, to make sure they are all present.

The apache error log is not helpful - it simply tells me the page is not 
found, not why it isn't being generated.

If someone could aim me at a new direction to check out, I'd certainly 
appreciate it.  I just can't figure why the two machines are delivering 
eprints differently...

Nick Wallingford
Tauranga, NZ