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[EP-tech] Re: Restored users do not sort properly

Am 31.01.2014 14:43, schrieb Sebastien Francois:
> Hi Florian,
> Perhaps your ordering issue relates to the following issue:
> https://github.com/eprints/eprints/issues/48

Hi sebastien,

Yes, the patch looks promising. :-)

> About exporting passwords: perhaps you can patch the relevant code in
> EPrints for the duration of your export (MetaField::Secret::to_sax
> presumably).
Your answer makes me wonder if that will really be complete then. I 
think I'll gather the required dependencies from the sql dump in order 
to have complete control over what is inserted. May VIM support me on 
this impossible quest.

> When you INSERT'ed the missing users, did you also INSERT data into the
> aux. tables (user_roles etc)?
No, I hoped EPrints would silently recreate them, such a //= kind of 
thing. When e-prints or users are created, those dependent entities are 
created as well. So naive-me would wish the system would make sure, on 
the epadmin recommit command at least, that every dataobj is fully 
functional and lacks of nothing the system would likewise care for when 
creating it anew via the web interface. But then, as a programmer's 
notion, this requirement yet smells of smelling code unless planned and 
thought-over and drafted for a month or so. :-)

Kind regards

> Seb.
> On 31/01/14 13:35, Florian He? wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> After removing a number of users by accident using the EPrints 3.3.10
>> API, I restored them from our backup via piping INSERT INTO `users`
>> commands into mysql database. That worked, but when I navigate  to the
>> list of all users in the web interface (Manage Records > Users) and
>> click there on the username column, the list is reordered to whatever
>> except by username. I tried the other columns, they fail to sort
>> properly either. What did I miss?
>> - epadmin reorder $repo user
>> - epadmin recommit $repo user
>> - epadmin cleanup_cachemaps $repo
>> - epadmin reindex $repo user
>> - epadmin reorder $repo user
>> - epadmin rehash $repo user
>> All these were to no avail.
>> Now I would try reimporting all users with XML, but I hesitate because
>> in the XML output file the password hashes are missing. How to include
>> them? Had a glance into the sources and infered from
>> EPrints::MetaField::Secret::to_sax() that --arg show_secrets=1 to the
>> XML export would do, but apparently I was wrong:
>> "Plugin Export::XML does not accept argument show_secrets"
>> Appreciate your help very much!
>> Kind regards
>> Florian
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