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[EP-tech] Re: Running EPrints in VirtualBox Localhost

Hi (again) Andrew,

Here's what more or less happens when you set-up EPrints on Linux (for 
the hostname configuration):

1- EPrints writes to archives/<id>/cfg/cfg.d/10_core.pl the hostname(s) 
you provided (so "eprints.localhost" in your case), something like:

# This file was created by bin/epadmin
# You can regenerate this file by doing ./bin/epadmin config_core <id>
$c->{host} = 'eprints.localhost';
$c->{port} = 80;
$c->{aliases} = [];
$c->{securehost} = '';
$c->{secureport} = 443;
$c->{http_root} = undef;

2- From that file, the EPrints set-up runs the bin/generate_apacheconf 
script which generates ... well... the relevant apache configuration 
from 10_core.pl

The main file is in cfg/apache.conf - and repository-specific conf is 
under cfg/apache/

3- Then EPrints tells you to add the following line to your main apache 
conf (e.g. in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf - could be in another directory 
depending on your version/distr. of linux)

4- Then you need to restart Apache (run "service apache2 restart" as root)

Voila, things are more or less set-up on the EPrints side: EPrints will 
now answer to requests going to "eprints.localhost".

However on your computer, you need to do the DNS resolution since 
"eprints.localhost" is not a valid DNS entry. On Linux, you usually edit 
/etc/hosts and add the hostname/ip address directly. I know there's a 
similar trick on Windows, you might need to look it up.

I hope this will get you started,


PS: if that works, EPrints contain some test data you can import, have a 
look in testdata/bin/

PS2: all the paths I used above are relative to where you installed 
EPrints. By default it's in /opt/eprints3/ but this could be anywhere on 
disk (/usr/share/eprints3, /var/lib/eprints3 ...). "<id>" refers to the 
ID of the repository you created.

On 31/01/14 13:47, Andrew Beeken wrote:
> Hello all!
> I've recently started at the University of Lincoln as Research Information Services Developer and am currently trying to get to grips with EPrints. To test it out, I've set up a VirtualBox running Ubuntu on my machine and have run through the EPrints setup however I'm not sure how to actually access the site. I'm more accustomed to a Windows development environment and am suddenly feeling woefully out of my depth in Linux! The installation seemed to go okay and I thought I'd set the host to eprints.localhost, however when I try to access that FireFox on Ubuntu is determined to send me to www.eprints.localhost which is, of course, wrong. I'm sure I'm missing a step but if anyone could offer me pointers on getting test data set up for EPrints in a VirtualBox environment, I'd be incredibly grateful!
> Best Regards,
> Andrew Beeken
> Research Information Services Developer
> University of Lincoln
> University Library
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