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[EP-tech] Re: Splitting of search terms in advanced search

A problem with the case perhaps?

For info, you should be able to see the indexed terms in the 
eprint__rindex table.


On 03/01/14 22:18, Betsy Coles wrote:
> Hi Seb. et al.,
> I have a similar problem with the creators_id -- we don't use emails 
> in that field; instead we use a locally assigned identifier containing 
> alpha characters and hyphens (e.g., Coles-B).  I'd like for the 
> creators_id to be indexed/searched as an exact string match in the 
> advanced search.  I tried changing the type to "id" and rebuilding the 
> index, but now I get no hits at all.
> Can you help?
> Betsy Coles
> Caltech Library IT Group
> bcoles at caltech.edu

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