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[EP-tech] Fwd: [OR] ALERT: Time to Get Ready to Submit Your OR2014 Proposal!

Submission deadline for Open Repositories'14 is earlier this year, on 
the 3rd of Feb.

Even if you don't want to submit to the main conference track, there 
will be EPrints User Groups where you have a chance to show your 
recent/future work and talk to us and to the EPrints community.

I highly encourage everyone to participate, don't be shy!


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Subject: 	[OR] ALERT: Time to Get Ready to Submit Your OR2014 Proposal!
Date: 	Thu, 9 Jan 2014 09:42:53 -0500
From: 	Carol Minton Morris <cmmorris at fedora-commons.org>
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January 9, 2014

Read it online: http://bit.ly/1ghYi3Q


*GET READY to Submit Your OR2014 Proposal*

/A message from the Open Repositories 2014 Conference organizers/*

As the year turns it's time to look forward to the Ninth International 
Conference on Open Repositories <http://or2014.helsinki.fi/>, 
OR2014 (#or2014). The conference will take place June 9-13 in Helsinki, 
Finland hosted by University of Helsinki?s twin libraries: Helsinki 
University Library <http://www.helsinki.fi/library/> and the National 
Library of Finland <http://www.nationallibrary.fi/>.

The theme this year is "Towards Repository Ecosystems" emphasizing the 
interconnected nature of repositories, institutions, technologies, data 
and the people who make it all work together. There are several 
different formats (see below) provided to encourage your participation 
in this year's conference. With the deadline for submissions fast 
approaching the organizers invite you to review the call for proposals 
here:http://or2014.helsinki.fi/?page_id=281, and to submit your proposal 
here:https://www.conftool.com/or2014/ by Feb. 3, 2014.


? 3 February 2014: Deadline for submissions
? 4 April 2014: Submitters notified of acceptance to general conference
? 17 April 2014: Submitters notified of acceptance to interest groups
? 9-13 June 2014: OR2014 conference


/Conference Papers and Panels/

We welcome proposals that are at least two pages and no more than four 
pages in length for presentations or panels that deal with digital 
repositories and repository services. Abstracts of accepted papers will 
be made available through the conference?s web site, and later they and 
associated materials will be made available in a repository intended for 
current and future OR content. In general, sessions are an hour and a 
half long with three papers per session; panels may take an entire 
session. Relevant papers unsuccessful in the main track will 
automatically be considered for inclusion, as appropriate, as an 
Interest Group presentation.

/Interest Group Presentations/

One to two-page proposals for presentations or panels that focus on use 
of one of the major repository platforms (DSpace, ePrints, Fedora and 
Invenio) are invited from developers, researchers, repository managers, 
administrators and practitioners describing novel experiences or 
developments in the construction and use of repositories involving 
issues specific to these technical platforms.

/24x7 Presentation Proposals/

We welcome one- to two-page proposals for 7 minute presentations 
comprising no more than 24 slides. Similar to Pecha Kuchas or Lightning 
Talks, these 24x7 presentations will be grouped into blocks based on 
conference themes, with each block followed by a moderated discussion / 
question and answer session involving the audience and whole block of 
presenters. This format will provide conference goers with a fast-paced 
survey of like work across many institutions, and presenters the chance 
to disseminate their work in more depth and context than a traditional 

/"Repository Rants" 24x7 Block/

One block of 24x7's at OR14 will revolve around "repository rants": 
brief expos?s that challenge the conventional wisdom or practice, and 
highlight what the repository community is doing that is misguided, or 
perhaps just missing altogether. The top proposals will be incorporated 
into a track meant to provoke unconventional approaches to repository 

/Posters, Demos and Developer "How-To's"/

We invite developers, researchers, repository managers, administrators 
and practitioners to submit one-page proposals for posters, 
demonstrations, technical how-tos and technology briefings. Posters 
provide an opportunity to present work that isn?t appropriate for a 
paper; you?ll have the chance to do a 60-second pitch for your poster or 
demo during a plenary session at the conference. Developer "How-To's" 
will provide a forum for running a mini-tutorial or demonstration in the 
developer lounge, if there are enough interested parties.

/Developer Challenge/

Each year a significant proportion of the delegates at Open Repositories 
are software developers who work on repository software or related 
services, and once again OR2014 will feature a Developer Challenge. An 
announcement will be made in the future with more details on the 
Challenge. Developers are also encouraged to make submissions to the 
other tracks--including posters, demonstrations, and 24x7 
presentations--to present on recently completed work and works-in-progress.

/Workshops and Tutorials/

One- to two-page proposals for Workshops and Tutorials addressing 
theoretical or practical issues around digital repositories are 
welcomed. Please address the following in your proposal:

? The subject of the event and what knowledge you intend to convey
? Length of session (e.g., 1-hour, 2-hour? half a day? whole day?)
? How many attendees you plan to accommodate
? Technology and facility requirements
? Any other supplies or support required
? A brief statement on the learning outcomes from the session
? Anything else you believe is pertinent to carrying out the session

Submit your paper, poster, demo or workshop proposal through the 
conference system. PDF format is preferred. Please include presentation 
title, authors? names and affiliations in the submission. The conference 
system is now open and  is linked from the conference web site: 

See you in Helsinki!

Carol Minton Morris
Director of Marketing and Communications
cmmorris at DuraSpace.org
Skype: carolmintonmorris
607 592-3135
Twitter at DuraSpace <http://twitter.com/duraspace>
Twitter at DuraCloud <http://twitter.com/duracloud>
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