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[EP-tech] Re: DataCite registration plug-in setup

Dear Rory,
Dear Lizz,

nice to meet you, and let me thank you in advance for your responses.

Let me tell you that I'm not much familiar with Eprints internals 
(actually not at all). My work with Eprints so far has consisted mainly 
in tweaking configuration files.

So, I would have to start with a basic question:

What is the plug-in supposed to do? Fetch some information (the DOI?) 
and modify some local records? (the Eprint? Document?) In short: how 
would we know if the plugin worked? ;-)

Attached is our z_datacitedoi.pl (sans credentials). Maybe it's apparent 
from there what we are doing wrong.

Another thing: our system runs under a local domain (not accessible from 
the "outside"). Could that also be an issue?

Many thanks in advance,

Sebastian Nozzi
IT - Senior Software Developer

Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Phone +43-(0)2243 9000-1089
Fax +43-(0)2243 9000-2000
Am Campus 1
A-3400 Klosterneuburg

E-Mail: Sebastian.Nozzi at ist.ac.at
Visit our website: http://www.ist.ac.at
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