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[EP-tech] Re: IRstats2 graphs/data in a MePrints Widget

Sorry Seb,

You know how we like to push the limits over hear on our D-Scholarship site.  ;-)

Anything I can help with?  (as if I could really contribute to your programming knowledge).  :)

Let me know,

Brian D. Gregg
Solutions Architect | Manager Systems Development
University of Pittsburgh | University Library System
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Well you've just forced me to do something I was meant to do ages ago: https://github.com/eprints/irstats2/tree/master/meprints

Seb :-)

On 14/04/14 16:49, Brian D. Gregg wrote:

Does anyone have any hints or suggestions on how to display IRstats2 graphs/data within a MePrints Widget?

What I'm looking to do is to somehow provide the reports Downloads, Activity Overview, and Most downloaded items & Requests (Origin of downloads, Countries, Top Referrers, and Browsers) into separate MePrints Widgets (if possible) to allow them to be displayed on a per user profile so that they can be seen when the user logs into the EPrints/MePrints system.

If nothing else, I could probably provide a link to their own overall stats site which generally takes the form: /cgi/stats/report/authors/{and some long character string}/  If someone could tell me how do we create the long character string for the author?

Thanks in advance,

Brian Gregg
University of Pittsburgh

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