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[EP-tech] Advice for a completely non-technical new starter



I wonder if anyone might be able to help.


Here at the University of Bolton, we have a very, very basic EPrints
repository that is not really being supported. I'm able to do the
absolute basics (and I really do mean the absolute basics!) but I need
help with the other technical aspects of it. 


Would anyone be able to tell me - and be as technical as you like! -
exactly what is involved with supporting an EPrint repository, i.e. what
relies on being able to server access, how much work is realistically
involved in branding, adding site content, back-ups, security, that sort
of thing. 


I know the answer to a lot of these will depend very much on the way in
which the repository is to operate and exactly the services it offers,
but I'd be grateful for any insights. 


Thanks in advance.


Best wishes,





Sarah Taylor  

Electronic Resources Librarian

The Peter Marsh Library

University of Bolton

Deane Road




01204 903099

s.e.taylor at bolton.ac.uk

Please note that my normal working days are Mondays, Tuesdays and


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