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[EP-tech] adding link to eprint in phrase


we add a duplication check whenimporting DOI publications.
would be nice for the user, when in the message window a link to the
existing eprint is showed.

the phrase with absolute path to the already existing eprint works fine:

<epp:phrase id="Plugin/Import/DOI:doiDuplicate">doi:<epc:pin
name="doi"/> is already stored in Eprint
	<a href='boris.stof003-vb-ub124/id/eprint/19'>19</a>
	The following authors from the University of Bern are connected with
this publication:<br/><epc:pin name="contrib"/><br/><br/>
	If an author is missing, please contact <a
expr="$config{adminemail}" /></a>

does someone know how to add the link as pin?

assembling the link in the plugin code:

my $eprintlink = "<a href='" .
$plugin->{session}->get_repository->get_conf("host") . "/id/eprint/" .
						$values[0] . "'>" .
						$values[0] . "</a>";

and use the string as pin gives an error:
###Unhandled warning in Import::DOI: parameter "eprintlink" is not an
XML node when making phrase "Plugin/Import/DOI:doiDuplicate"

thanks for your help.