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[EP-tech] Re: Book editor name not displaying

Hello Emily,

This is probably because your browse views are configured to include 
both authors and editors, but the citation doesn't include the editor. 
We can add the editor to citations where it exists.


On 09/10/13 10:16, Emily Bennett wrote:
> Hi,
> On our copy of ePrints, if an academic has edited a book (which was 
> written by someone else), this book appears in their publication list.
> e.g. Susanne Marten-Finnis's ePrints page is here: 
> http://eprints.port.ac.uk/view/local_creators/456.html If you look at 
> the 'Book Section' section, you'll see Monica Riera is listed with no 
> mention of Susanne who edited the book.
> This is just one example and I've noticed it in several places.
> Does anyone know if there's a way of either removing items like this, 
> or at least adding the editor's name into the item so it doesn't look 
> so random?
> Thanks,
> Emily
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