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[EP-tech] Re: Request for information on repository request-copy Button

Dear Eloy, Bram & Carol,

As Eloy was the first to adopt the Button for DSpace, could you or Bram (or anyone else) please help with this? 

It apparently needs an upgrade, and it's especially important to provide and embed it in DSpace core at this crucial time in the evolution of OA policy worldwide. 

The Button is an essential component in an effective OA mandate.

Many thanks for any help or information you can provide,


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From: "Hutchinson, Alvin" <HUTCHINSONA@si.edu>
To: <hbosc-tchersky@orange.fr>
Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2013 3:28 PM
Subject: Request for information on repository request-copy Button

I received a message stating that you are interested in the use of Request Copy button in repositories.

We at the Smithsonian Libraries use DSpace and have employed the Request Copy button for several years.

However, it is becoming problematic as the plugin does not seem to have any active development or upgrades.

I'm not sure how familiar you are with DSpace but for several versions, there has been an XML user interface as well as the original JSP (java server pages) interface.

The Request Copy plugin only works with *.jsp and that is very limiting.

We would like to upgrade to the current version but will have to give up the functionality which many of our users like to have.

Please take a minute to tell me something about your interest and your work.


Alvin Hutchinson
Smithsonian Libraries