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[EP-tech] Re: Not showing some fields in views from created item type.

You need to look at the 'workflow' configuration:

This contains the informationabout which fields are shown for which item types, and also for which users.

The documentation is here: http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Workflow_Format
The easiest thing to do for a new item type may be to search for a similar item in the workflow (e.g. if you've added something that similar to a journal article, look at how the workflow for that type works and copy some of it :o).


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I've created some custom item types within my EPrints repository, 
although when  I go to browse my eprints, I see that the new defined 
item types only show a few fields like authors, year, publication title 
and nothing else, but "default" item types (book, conference or workshop 
items, etc) do show more information like the journal name, volume 
issue, etc.

In the new item type eprints, this fields are only visible if person 
logs in, into EPrints.

How could I do in order to show these fields with the new item types in 
the views?



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