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[EP-tech] Forwarding PDF request to abstract page when referer from "outer" cyberspace

Hello Eprints devs and users,

we have discussed the deployment of Coverpage plugin as is available in the EPrints bazar and finally decided to look for other solutions. Based on former experiences with LaTeX and PDF-Tk used in that plugin * there lurk problems with special signs and characters in non-european languages to be corrected manually forever - for that alone, xelatex in connection with a global unicode font could be our friend but ..., * with the TOC that is no more machine-readable via bookmarks when passed through PDF-tk & Co. - one could manage to update that data howsoever and end up correcting all the mistakes by hand again - thus rendering the file less accessible, * the storage capacity to reserve is doubled because the coverpage'd version exists in addition to the original version. There seems to be no caching / expiration mechanism to obtain balance between storage and cpu usage.

What we want to try now is to evaluate the referer of a PDF request. If it is either not set at all, or if it begins with the base_url of the repository, the response will be the PDF. Otherwise, maybe unless there is a defined request header Accept: application/pdf, the response is the abstract page that contains information on usage terms / license, further parts of the document and alike.

Can E-Prints 3.3.10 accomodate us with that in an update-safe manner?

Best regards
Florian Heß

UB Heidelberg (Altstadt)
Plöck 107-109, 69117 HD
Abt. Informationstechnik