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[EP-tech] Display of items under review


We start to upload items by SWORD. (EPrints version 3.3.11)
Our first problem, that items go to the uploading users
personal area, not review. Using "buffer" instead of "inbox"
does not affect this behaviour.
The second problem is the following: the repository deposit
is initiated from the National Scientific Bibliographic Database.
The repository returns an URL to the database pointing to the
deposited item to the repository. But this URL will not work
till the repository editor moves the item to the living repository.
The depositing user clicks on the URL in the database, and gets
"404 File not Found". It would be better to get something like 
"The item is under review. It will be available after it gets accepted".

All the best,

Andras Holl / Holl Andras                e-mail: holl at konkoly.hu
Konkoly Observatory / MTA CsFK CsI       Tel.: +36 1 3919368 Fax: +36 1 2754668
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