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[EP-tech] Re: paragraphs in abstracts?

Dear Hrachovec,
We solved this issue by making abstract field as html compatible. You should
add "render_xhtml_field" to abstract line of cfg.d/eprint_fields.pl file.
After this implementation, <br /> code can work to add paragraphes. 

name => 'abstract',
	type => 'longtext',
	input_rows => 30,
	render_value => 'EPrints::Extras::render_xhtml_field',

I hope this solution is helpful for you. 
With best regards.

Zehra Taskin
Research Assistant
Hacettepe University

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Subject: [EP-tech] paragraphs in abstracts?

Is there any way to include paragraphs in a submission's abstract?

Thanks for any pointers and regaRDS,


Hochschullehrer, Philosophie, Wien