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[EP-tech] Re: Plugin new screen issue

Cheers Seb - I *knew* it would be something obvious and straightforward (and I think I've encountered that one previously...)


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Sent: 03 June 2013 17:06
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Subject: [EP-tech] Re: Plugin new screen issue

plug-ins within /lib/plugins/ (where the bazaar's modules are installed) 
must be explicitly enabled in a .pl file:

$c->{plugins}->{"Screen::EPrint::Submit"}->{params}->{disable} = 0;

This allows for a global plug-in (/lib/plugins/) to be enabled in one 
repository but disabled in another one.


On 03/06/13 16:56, Alan.Stiles wrote:
> Anybody offer any thoughts on where I'm going wrong with the following:
> I'm trying to create a new screen based on Eprint::Deposit for use in a plugin (v3.3.10).
> When I add the package to the folder /opt/eprints3/lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Screen/Eprint/ and select it as part of my Bazaar plugin, then calls to it as
> http://mydomain.com/cgi/users/home?screen=EPrint::Submit?eprintid=99999
> fail with
> "The requested screen does not exist, or has a fatal error: EPrint::Submit"
> But if I put the same package (diff has no output) in /opt/eprints3/archives/MYARCHIVE/cfg/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Screen/EPrint/ and use the same url call it does exactly what I want it to (including missing phrase warnings, etc.)
> Obviously, I could use the second option to get my function going, but that isn't a very bazaar-plug-inny way of making it work!
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> Alan Stiles
> Digital Repository Developer, Library Services, The Open University Library
> Open Research Online - http://oro.open.ac.uk

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